Tweet People have been searching for the next big platform, is it VR, or google glasses, or cars? No, definitely not. It is messaging platform. Few people bet it right except genius Mark Zukkerberg. The two platforms he owns, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp have active users of 1.6 billion combined per month. The top 4 messaging platforms have more than 3 billion users. Data source: Business Insider Wall Street Journal points out that Messaging platform is more than facilitating texting. They move beyond social media functions to become an important tool for on-line payment, shopping and other services. Wechat under Chinese Internet giant Tencent has taken it to a new level. Yes, Wechat has become the center of Chinese people's daily life. Any business targeting China or its consumers will be doomed for disappointment if without taking it into consideration and integrating into its business plan. Read more →

Why China wants to Join SDR?

to end RMB's long-term tie with dollar will not be an easy journey. China will have to address the exodus of capital out of the country due to investors' expectation of RMB's further depreciation. The instability of its currency may also affect the currencies of some developing countries which are China's major trade partners, ultimately hurting their economies. In the end, the rest of the world may all feel the pain. Read more →

China's baby food market has grown into one with $19 billion by sales in 2014, compared to $9 billion in 2009. Despite the fast growth this industry is still in its infancy. Baby formula milk accounts for more than 70% of the total annual sales in China, the rest 20% + goes to cereal. Solid foods are still in its early stage, when young parents are learning the importance of giving their babies a balanced diet. Multinationals dominate the baby food market in China. In 2013 16.4 babies were born in China vs. 3.9 million in the U.S. China may expect to welcome at least 1 million more babies each year since 2015. Chinese government has been relaxing the Only Child Policy by allowing couples of both the only child to have a second child in the urban area. About 1.5 million couples have submitted application to have a second child since the new policy was announced and practiced in selected regions in China November 2013. Please click to download the latest presentation of China's Baby Food Market by Kee Global Advisors (KGA). Read more →

Alibaba Calls it Quits on its U.S. eCommerce Effort

In June 2014, I wrote an article about Alibaba's launch of 11 Main in the U.S. Please click here to read the article. Only a year later, Alibaba sold 11 Main to OpenSky. As Alibaba's Executive Vice Chairman Joseph Tsai said in an interview, "the key issue is whether we are going to have something in the U.S. market that will really target U.S. consumers. We think in the long run that's is an interesting market to us. But today, our focus is very much on cross-border activities" that connect U.S. sellers with Chinese consumers." Wasn't 11 Main designed to serve this purpose or has Alibaba failed to convince enough U.S. sellers to list on 11 Main? Alibaba Stumbles in U.S. Online Market - WSJ (June 24, 2015) Read more →